Level 4: GO!

At this precise moment four years ago, I was sneaking in a final little nap while waiting in the hospital bed for the midwife to take me for a c-section. It was as if I knew that the (not so) little whirlwind about to come into my life would require as many cat naps as I could manage.

At 12:50pm you joined the world. All 10lb 7.5oz of you. The Boy. The man in my life. The car-obsessed, routine-remembering, sleep-loving, handsome, hungry chap. And now look! You might have aged me more than the years you’ve been holding my hand, but today you are most definitely 4.

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Birthday business


Well, 2020 has been a hit (with a capital S), hasn’t it? I deliberately didn’t join in with the whole bloggy malarkey of documenting our every moment because – let’s face it – all the days just blurred into one, and it wasn’t all that exciting.

I don’t really remember the beginning or the middle of lockdown. Or last week. But it’s been long enough that, come September, I think I’ll have forgotten how to run the tight school-day ship that is needed to get 3 of us out the door by 8:30am. But…we survived. Relatively unscathed, too. Continue reading

Planes, trains and washing machines: our 2019


And so, it came to pass, that once again it’s 31 December and no-one has a clue what day it is, let alone where the last 365 days have gone.

Ten years ago, I saw in the new decade with friends I’d made in the previous one. I wore a dress that turned out to actually be a top, and I drank port because I thought it was wine. Fast forward to today and so much has changed; when I drink port it’s deliberate, I have a whole tribe of friends that have also become a huge part of my life since having my little people, and I always wear trousers with my tops. Well, almost always. Continue reading

The Dunks do Devon (again)


Somehow, presumably by some sort of wizardry and magic, we are now officially in charge of a 5 year old. Yes, today is Bear’s 5th birthday; 5 years of being a super-calm and definitely-got-my-stuff-together Wonder Mum, worthy of some sort of catalogue photoshoot or something.

I jest, obviously. We are NOT that family.

We have just come back from a lovely week in Cornwall. “But the title above says Devon?”, I hear you cry! You’re not wrong, and so begin our pre-birthday summer holiday shenanigans… Continue reading