Who am I?

Four hours before I turned 33, our Bear arrived and our little family was born. Bear isn’t her real name, clearly, but this t’interweb is a big scary place and she’s not old enough to consent to being blogged about.

Three years after that and we were joined by The Boy, and now our family is most definitely DONE!

I am a writer. I have always loved writing (and talking, and gin). I spent more than 14 years in PR and marketing, and these days I have my own freelance copywriting business working for all sorts of companies. Pretending to be in control of two children and making up the art of mummying is my main gig, but I thought it would be fun (and kinda like therapy) to put the two together.

So here’s my blog. The ups and downs, ins and outs of my biggest learning curve yet: being a mummy. I hope it makes you smile, and I hope it keeps me sane. Above all, I hope my children enjoy reading it when they’re old enough to get on t’interweb.


Laura x


The boring but important stuff

  • All posts and opinions are my own, and credit will always be given to third party content.
  • When I write about products, places or people it’s because I have chosen to, not because they’ve asked me to. If that ever changes, I’ll make it clear.
  • Reader comments are as it says on the tin. So don’t tell me off when it comes to other people’s points of view.
  • Blogs are all about freedom of speech, but don’t get too serious. No-one likes rude people, so comment carefully and be nice.

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

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  2. Love it. I’m a few months behind you on that ‘curve’so will be good to see what’sround the corner!?

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