2020: The year that wasn’t

I’ve thought often about this blog post. One I’ve always done, and always enjoyed doing. But at the end of this year – 2020: The Year The Bin Went Out More Than Me™ – I don’t feel I have the words. Not funny ones, anyway.

It was the year that made us slow down. Made me stop stressing about things, people and stuff that weren’t worth stressing about. Bear and The Boy, without doubt, benefited from not rushing here, there and everywhere with calendars and alarms keeping us in check. We’ve spent a lot of time in our pyjamas, and that is only ever a good thing in my book.

We got a new man about the house – Barney the kitten. My duvet cover now resembles a cheese grater, and he shouts at us when we don’t provide him with wafer thin ham 5 minutes before he has demanded it, but he has quickly become Top Dog in our house. Plus he is cute, so he can stay.

It was a lonely year – it has been for us all. But while I haven’t had nearly as many hugs as I would have liked, I remain the proud owner of many wonderful friends who are well up for a cuddle when Boris says we can.

2021, you’re not going to be an easy ride. We all know that – man alive, anyone who listens to the news even once a week will know we are living in the scariest, most worrying of times. But I’m going to go at life a bit slower if I can. Think before I commit to stuff, think before I react to stuff, and think before I say yes to stuff that I’d rather say no to.

Happy New Year, peeps. I hope it’s as happy as it can be, with the people you are able to be with. 2021 surely can’t be any worse, right? No new year’s resolutions or promises from me, I think getting to the end of this year to see in tomorrow is the biggest achievement for anyone. And that is enough.

Laura xx

“I’d say it was a trainwreck and a shitshow, but that would be unfair to trains and shit.”

Death to 2020, netflix

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