Honesty is the best policy (apparently)

Blog is 1

One whole year of internet ramblings. Who’d have thunk it?

This week marks the blog’s 1st birthday. A whole year since I started rambling on t’internet. We won’t be throwing a party or eating cake, because it’s only a blog and that would be ridiculous.

Although we may actually have cake, because any excuse is a good excuse for cake. Continue reading

Toddlers & tantrums: the truth

"Today I will mostly be irrational."

“Today I will mostly be irrational.”

When I was pregnant, I had lots of knowing advice and advanced warning about becoming a parent. The worry (lots), the stress (lots), the love (lots), the sleep (not lots).

What they didn’t tell me was how some of the more mundane (and previously piece-of-cake) makings of our daily lives will suddenly become my biggest challenges. And perhaps it is this little lot that should actually have come with a warning. Or, at the very least, a double G&T. Continue reading