2016: A mixed bag


This time last year I didn’t really feel like gin. I know, shock horror.

While it was too early to do a test, and too early to get our hopes up, I had an inkling that I was pregnant. I was unjustifiably tired, I had heartburn from a glass of water, and I didn’t fancy gin. Something was definitely amiss. Continue reading

Decisions, decisions…why I won’t apologise for mine


I’ll clear one thing up before I even start this post – I am not a Daily Mail reader. I read lots of stuff, but I don’t read that. But thanks to Twitter and the blogosphere sometimes you can’t escape some of its headlines….especially when the headline takes a swipe at me (well, not just me, but my circumstances and my decisions). Continue reading

Trashy TV: In the Club

In the Club

Anyone else a bit gutted that In the Club has finished? Any 6-part series just about matches my attention span, so I stepped away  from the Gavin & Stacey boxset, turned off the re-runs of DIY SOS and thought I’d give this BBC1 tale of pregnancy and childbirth a go. If you haven’t finished watching it yet, don’t read on (and if you do read on, don’t tell me off for spoilers…you’ve been warned!) Continue reading