A new writing adventure


If I counted up the number of hours that I have spent writing, it would be – well – a lot. I love writing (and gin, but that’s not relevant here). 

I wrote for a living – for large businesses, small start-ups, really fun clients, really technical clients, all sorts – since I graduated in 2001. I wrote extensively for the media, for websites, for social media and for marketing material in general. Writing was a huge part of my working week, then along came Bear.

A new perspective
Maternity leave made me put down my pen for a while, and in doing so I got a different perspective on stuff (you know – the one that comes at 3am when you’re pacing the lounge with a screaming baby, or at 1am when you’ve been trying to get to bed since 9pm but a little person has other ideas?) I started Chatterbox Mummy, and it reminded me that I rather like this writing lark and that quite a few people like to read my ramblings – that, right there, makes me smile.

Over the last few months, while Bear has been napping, I’ve not been sitting down watching daytime TV (not that I ever did that, obviously, I was ironing and preparing meals etc…ahem). I have instead been doing something I’ve always wanted to do – write for a living and be my own boss. So I have been sat at my laptop, like in the olden days, and I have been building a website, contacting old colleagues, setting up social media accounts, and preparing to launch my own business.

A new venture
Write with Words offers professional freelance copywriting services. It gives me the flexibility to work from home and it gives me more reasons to write – those that know me well will know why this is important to me.

Take a look at the website, share it with anyone who might be interested, follow on Twitter or like on Facebook, and if you or anyone you know wants to outsource their written work* to a professional writer then I hope you’ll think of me.

*Not dissertations and schoolwork, mind. That’s naughty.

2 thoughts on “A new writing adventure

  1. Congratulations on your new venture Laura. Having worked with you on a number of projects I know that your business will be a hugely successful. Your determination, sheer brilliance with words and the mountain of knowledge that you have will shine through. I will certainly be hiring you to help with my website and marketing plan.

    • Thank you for such lovely words! I enjoyed working with you and your new venture will be a great new challenge – I’m looking forward to working with you again on the written side of things!

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