2013: a virtual time capsule


Dear Bear

OK, I’m nearly a year late with this but it took me 10 months to get my backside in gear and start this blog – I was busy with nappies and the like. But when you’re older and you can read, and Daddy and I give you the wifi password and let you go on t’internet, we thought you’d like to know a few things that went on in the world in 2013, the year you were born.

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My (annoying) memory lane

Beached: Taken a year ago yesterday (honestly).

Beached: Taken a year ago yesterday (honestly)


Anyone that knows me well knows that I have an annoyingly good memory. I remember the useless stuff – what I wore to something or other, what the weather was like on such-and-such a day, and (most important of all, I’m sure you’ll agree) what I – and others – ate on these occasions. Continue reading