A (sort of) open letter to me


When we went along to our first NCT meeting when I was pregnant with Bear, they asked us to each list 3 things that we like or enjoy. One of those “let’s all get to know each other” things (at a pretty sensible and respectable level, unlike 3 years later when us 8 Mums know WAY more than we probably need to know about one another).

On my list were 3 things I like – gin, chocolate and lists. Yes, lists. Continue reading

The one time my memory fails me


Photographic proof: uncanny, eh?

Does anyone actually remember being pregnant?

I mean, I accept that I was – there is photographic evidence (and indeed a child) to prove it. I remember moaning about the heat, my feet, my back and heartburn, and I remember wearing bigger clothes for 6 months. I remember going down to the hospital for appointments, not drinking wine for 9 months, avoiding cheese and rare steak, sushi and uncooked eggs (although I do that as standard…raw eggs have never really appealed). Continue reading