The Dunks do Devon (again)


Somehow, presumably by some sort of wizardry and magic, we are now officially in charge of a 5 year old. Yes, today is Bear’s 5th birthday; 5 years of being a super-calm and definitely-got-my-stuff-together Wonder Mum, worthy of some sort of catalogue photoshoot or something.

I jest, obviously. We are NOT that family.

We have just come back from a lovely week in Cornwall. “But the title above says Devon?”, I hear you cry! You’re not wrong, and so begin our pre-birthday summer holiday shenanigans… Continue reading

Things to do in Bluestone when you’re 1

The customary holiday selfie (post-ice cream)

The customary holiday selfie (post-ice cream)

It has taken me an embarrassing length of time to write this post, but we’ve been busy with chicken pox, a trip to Norfolk, Peppa Pig-induced tantrums and the retrieval of pyjamas from the toilet. That’s my excuse anyway. Continue reading